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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an esoteric philosophy, born more than 5000 years ago in India. The word “Tantra” comes from Sanskrit, and is composed of two different roots: “tan” and “tra.” It has been interpreted in several ways, one being: “Tan” as expansion and "Tra" as liberation.

Tantra is a spiritual path to becoming self-conscious and self-fulfilled or, in tantric language, to become your inner god/goddess. Through tantric practices and spiritual techniques, such as meditation, mantras, pranayamas and rituals, human beings can transcend their consciousness. Tantra is a mindful and creative love where love is transformed into an art form. Its practice can lead to higher forms of self-realization and freedom. Tantra is not a religion, nor is it sex. It takes us beyond sex. It is one of the few spiritual practices that actively studies sexuality and recognizes that sexual energy is one of the most powerful energies in the world, one that has the potential to create life.

Sexual energy plays an important role in our mental, emotional and physical well-being. It is a creative and transformative energy which can be healing and can even perform “miracles.” When used appropriately, this sexual energy can lead to discovery and transformation. It can help improve sexual abilities and orgasmic potential and can cure psychological and sexual deficiencies, such as lack of libido, sexual pains (dyspareunia), impotence and premature ejaculation.

You are a sexual being and your sexual energy can be used in a mindful way to bring balance and harmony. Why not try a Tantra healing session?

Enjoy your existence!

Is there physical contact?

All meditations and practices are for you to experience in your life what is the relationship between your power and the vital movement and your consciousness (ability to be present) and how to connect the sexual energy with the heart. For this, some exercises are done alone, others in partnership, and others in groups. The activities in general are very simple, and are basically aimed at awakening the state of attention, relaxation and presence. Tantra opens doors for you to relate to yourself, to the other and to existence and to expand the truth of your heart and body. Of course, by bringing this quality to sex with your lover, you enter into a wonderful and powerful quality. But first, we need to understand the basics about the importance of touch in life and also how to create inner and outer space for it to happen properly, as well as put limits when we do not want contact to happen.

How long does an individual session last?

It last about 2 hours

How is the touch on Yoni (vagina)?

In Yoni Massage, special methodologies are followed different from the maneuvers normally applied in the masturbatory movements, which only reinforce the limiting conditioning. Most women are surprised by the level of efficiency and results presented by the process.

How is the touch on the Lingam (penis)?

In Lingam Massage, we follow a special methodology different from the maneuvers normally applied in the masturbatory movements, which only reinforce the limiting conditioning. The maneuvers are applied to trigger and release an enormous amount of energy and, at the same time, inhibit the containment reflex, allowing a great relaxation and delivery for a new orgastic experience to occur, in which the pleasure is experienced with more support and intensity. Most men are surprised by the level of efficiency and results presented by the process.

How the client get dressed?

In tantric massage sessions, the client is completely naked, since the clothes absorb energy and limit the performance. It is important to reaffirm that this is not a sexual technique; there is no sex inserted in the context of massages. Yes, we aim to revitalize the functions of sexuality, energy and vitality, without the sexual act.

How does the therapist get dressed?

The therapist does not undress. The whole focus of our work lies in its receptivity, in its surrender, in its non-occupation with the external, in turning inwards and only feeling. Massages are experiences in total surrender, in which you are only the observer of the physiological and energetic processes that will take place.

If you go to the massage with some intention, desire, fantasy or sexual expectation, there will be a huge loss in your development process because you will be committed to representing a role: the role of lover, seducer, male, female. The representation of these papers will wear you out, will consume you and will not allow the energy to accumulate internally, providing a new perception of volume and energy density, able to show you that there are other options of use of sexual energy (without the known sex) because you will remain based on your conditioned experience.

It takes a time of dedication so that your standards change and you can stay a longer time in pleasure, in sensation, free of conditioned intentions and desires.

Will I be masturbated?

No. Our job is to help the person overcome his limiting conditioning by introducing unusual maneuvers.

The new sensory stimuli that are distributed on the skin, because they are so pleasing and desired by the body, make important changes in the structures of the neuronal synapses, re-signifying the neuro-muscular activity and the liberation and expansion of bioenergies. These special stimuli cause important modifications in the physiology of pleasure, recovering and increasing the potential of pleasure and orgasm.

You will learn that all the muscles of our body, in all its parts, are capable of experiencing orgasm through the activation of a great volume of pleasure.

How many sessions do I have to do?

In a single session you can already see benefits and gains that the Method offers. However, it is through the continuity of the sessions that it will be possible to develop and improve new proprioceptive possibilities of an orgastic nature, reaching higher levels of sensitivity, perception and awareness.

Each person has his / her conditioning and is in a different degree of development, therefore it is not possible to anticipate how many sessions will be necessary for a complete development.

How to schedule a session?

You can book your appointment online paying the reservation fee of $72,00 through the following link: As soon as you book your session online You will receive an e-mail confirmation with the address. I will use your e-mail address to send you a client intake form to help you to connect with yourself and help me as you session giver to assist, guid and supporting you, with total acceptance, understanding, respect, no judgement.

I don`t see a contact number in your website, what is the best way to reach you?

The best way to contact me is through e-mail or website: