Yoni Yoga



Yoni Yoga also known as “Pompoir”, are a set of exercises for women who wish to increase the capacity and control of their pubococcygeus muscles (PC muscles). Yoni is a sanscrit name for vagina.
In this methodology, the woman learns to move and control the vagina muscles and to develop internal muscle strength. Combining Yoni exercises with yoga will gradually make your body flexible and elegant, your intimate muscles strong and healthy and your mind calm and confident.

Where does this technique come from?

The practice of Pompoir was born in India centuries ago and was perfected in Japan and Thailand. Traditionally it was passed from mother to daughter with the intention to improve their sexual pleasure.

In recent years, pompoir has attracted the attention of many women because it offers possibilities for the treatment of gynecological and sexual problems. For this reason, doctors are recommending Pompoir to their patients as a complementary treatment.

This Intimate muscle training has been developed to include women of all ages, with the intention to improve their physical and sexual health.
Strengthened and toned vaginal muscles reduce the risk of gynecological problems, help in the normal delivery and help in the treatment of bladder flaccidity, among others.

The woman will have the ability to increase her sexual pleasure as well as her partners, through the movement of her vagina muscles. The act of relaxing and contracting the intimate muscles massages the penis, evoking unique sensations.





Physical benefits

  • Strengthening of the muscles of the vagina.

  • Prevents bladder flaccidity

  • Decreased constipation.

  • Treats genital sagging

  • Prevents and helps treat urinary incontinence

  • Facilitates normal birth and helps recovery

  • Improves lubrication in menopause



Benefits for sexuality

  • Increased libido

  • It increases the production of pheromones.

  • Increased vaginal lubrication

  • Helps in the treatment of Vaginismus.

  • Increased strength of the vaginal muscles

  • Increases libido

  • Increases orgastic potency

  • The trained vaginal muscles can massage the penis.

  • Your lover is going to love it!


Comfortable clothes, such as yoga or gymnastics clothing.


$ 120 -  8 classes per month

Price per month - 8 classes

20 % discount for students (less than 30 years old)

20 %  discount for seniors (more than 65 years old)

(The full payment need to be made in the first class of the month)