Tantra Massage Session

The Methodology

This method of Tantra massage is a mix of different tantric massage styles I have learned over these years of experiences. Ayurveda massage combined with genital massage is one of the techniques I offer based on Tantra. Ayurveda is a medical system with historical roots in India. Its modernized practice is a form of complementary or alternative medicine.

What can you expect?

Tantric massage is a sensory experience that leads the man/woman to a search for consciousness expansion so they get in contact with what they really are or helps them to realize what they think they are. During the individual session I develop a work of exploration of the sexual energy, the energy of life, the strongest, the most pure, the active, the divine, the most pleasurable energy that the human body can feel.

When this energy is activated and directed from the lower centers to the higher centers (chakras) of the human being, it is possible to access a state of no mind, a deep state of meditation, inner silence. It serve as a super tool that help bring you back home, to the heart. A tool of spiritual elevation. There is no energy or emotion stronger than orgasm in the body, so when you have an orgasm, not this orgasm that we are accustomed to, the mind will cease at that moment, the mind will silence, then you enter into a state of meditation.

Over time in the practice of this work it can potentiate the movement of this energy that for thousands of years has been repressed by religion, culture, society… causing the human being to become sexually free without guilt, fear, shame, blockages, traumas, diseases...

The intention is to get the human being to become aware of this divine power and creative energy that lives in each of us, first in you, then automatically this will reflect in the relationship with others, in the way you view the world, in the form of seeing and understanding others, accepting, respecting, avoiding judgments. The orgasm is yours, you can never feel pleasure outside your body. In tantra massage is possible to disconnect from other people removing from them the responsibility to give you pleasure, to give you love or happiness. You are the only one responsible for your own pleasure, happiness. Everything is within you!

Some people call the orgasm "little death". The death of control of this mind that is speaking all the time, judging, criticizing, analyzing... Then the perception begins to change, the colors become more alive, the sound becomes more melodic, more empathy. And maybe there are some things, behaviors, habits, and old patterns to be changed, broken around sexuality. This common pattern in society is a performatic man who worries more about the final approval to please to be approved to receive almost final applause and then he forgets to "FEEL". It is disconnecting from the feel, feel the life, the body. There is always the right moment to begin. Choose yours and lets be happy!

After a Tantra massage, many women and men report experiencing a true happiness of the soul and the opening and blossoming of their feminine/masculine spirit, which betters their sex lives exponentially. Male ejaculation is not linked to orgasm, but to the elimination of semen (or energy, the seed of life). The orgasm happens moments before. When the man does not ejaculate, he can have more mental orgasms and, because of his increased energy, he can provide more pleasure for the woman. In a Tantra massage, a man does not ejaculate, thereby training his ability to have orgasms without ejaculation. A man can gain control of his energy to maintain a sexual act for as long as desired.

However, before one can reach higher level of pleasure and consciousness, the sexual blockages that unfortunately most people have, need to be removed. These blocks can be physical, energetic or emotional, but in many cases they are psychosomatic and related to past traumas.

The massage process

Phase 1 - The connection between therapist and client is established through a brief meditation or simply through the synchronization of the breath or firm touch. 

Phase 2 - Pure almond, grape seed oil or coconut oil is spread over the body, with or without other essential oils.

Phase 3 - Several Ayurveda massage techniques are used with the hands, wrists, arms, fingers and elbows on the body. These Ayurveda techniques make use of pressure points on specific parts of the body (Marmas points: vital points, sensitive regions), the same points that are used in acupuncture, in order to regulate energy in the body and release blockages.

Phase 4 - Optional genital massage follows, involving contact with the perineum, testicles and penis for men (Lingam massage), and with the vulva, large lips, small lips, vaginal canal, G-spot and cervix for women (Yoni massage). This is done with respect and takes into account the comfort zone of the client.

What are the benefits?

Therapeutic effects: treats sexual weaknesses (impotence and premature ejaculation), intensifies orgasms, improves blood circulation, improves the functionality of internal organs, detoxifies, energizes, activates organs and body systems and regulates hormone production.

Meditative effects:  expands consciousness and perception, eliminates fatigue, stress and frigidity, and enhances pleasure and female/male orgasm without loss of energy. It elevates the sexual energy from the lower centers to higher centers of the body (Chakra system).

Raise your sexual energy!


$240 (2 hours)

$72,00 Reservation fee. (Cancellations are fully refundable with 48 hours prior notice.)

10% of discount if you take 3 sessions, full payment in advance.

15% of discount if you take 4 or more sessions, full payment in advance.



 Before you come for your Tantra Healing Session      

  • Please refrain from smoking, taking drugs, drinking alcohol or coffee, or eating spicy or heavy meals before your session. This is for your own safety.

  • You are welcome to take a shower before your session


Tantra massage is always conducted with non-reciprocal touch: the client stays in a passive mode, simply receiving the healing massage. There is no kissing, oral sex or intercourse during the session.  Only the client is naked during the session.

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