Private Tantra Massage Class for Couple or Single

Welcome to new discoveries!

This is an intensive training designed especially for men or women who wish to improve their abilities and knowledge about the opposite sex. It is designed for those who do not have the time to participate in extensive training courses. Both couples or single men and woman are welcome. Your privacy will always be respected.

In this private course, you will learn how to give a Tantra massage. Under my guidance and attention, you will practice the massage techniques and corresponding communications. The techniques are introduced in a stepwise and clear way, in an atmosphere of tranquility and respect.

This training is divided into two parts:
Part I:  approximately 2 ½ hours
Part II: approximately 2 ½ hours

Part I and Part II trainings are scheduled on two different days, based on mutual availability.

If you have a partner or friend you would like to practice / learn massage on -- great!

If you do not have a massage partner, then I can provide someone to be your partner during your training.


Prices for the Parts I and II, 2 ½ hours each, booked on different days:

  • $890: If you don't have a partner (Price includes a partner provided for your learning process.)

  • $730: If you already have a partner to practice with you (This price includes a discount of $80 for Part I and $80 for Part II.)

The price for Part I only, 2 ½ hours:

  • $540 (Price includes a partner provided for your learning process).

 $72,00 pre-payment required Reservation Fee

Cancellations are fully refundable with 48 hours’ prior notice.

No last minute appointment, please!

For any questions or more information, please send me an e-mail at






Monday  11am to 7pm

Tuesday 11am 5 pm

Wednesday  11am to 5pm

Thursday 11am to 7pm

Friday 11am  to 7pm

Saturday 11am to 5pm

Picture by Ryan Lague

Picture by Ryan Lague

Naira Will be your Private instructor in this learning process.