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Yoga Teacher and Tantric Massage Therapist

Before moving to Montreal, I practiced and taught Yoga for 9 years in Brazil, where I was the founder of the Yoga Studio Naira Lira in Belem, in the Amazon. Over the years I have had the opportunity to train in many internationally recognized courses and workshops in Yoga, Tantra Massage and Intimate Gymnastics (for women) in Brazil, Holland and Spain.

After completing my Bachelor’s in Bilingual Secretarial Studies at the University of Amazonia in 2005, I began a search for something to bring deeper meaning to my life. I found Yoga. I was delighted to find that, through Yoga, I could experience an elevated state of mind, inner peace and harmony.

Over the past years, my professors, Savitri and Satyavan (Ashram Yoga Divine Center São Paulo), Ana Luiza Matsubara (Iyengar Yoga São Paulo) and Delilah King (Iyengar Yoga Institute Amsterdam), have helped me to develop a style that can meet the particular needs of each student. Through this practice, body, mind and spirit are unified in each movement. The underlying philosophy is that there is stability in movement and motion in stability.

Other courses that have improved my teachings and practice: Kriya Yoga, Saint Germain Flower Therapy, Reiki, Hypnosis and Magnified Healing. In my experience, each of these courses has helped me to improve my Yoga and Tantra massage practice. Maybe they will be useful for you, too.

It gives me great happiness to see my students evolve as they practice each yoga asana or posture. I frequently change the order and types of asanas in my classes, because I appreciate the new and the different. Are you ready to take this challenge?



Tantric Massage Therapy

I started learning therapeutic Tantra massage in 2015.

My first experience with this divine art was with Dr. Luana Aguiar in Brazil. I became so passionate about this new way of treating people that I conducted a full-scale research project on the subject. I got the opportunity to explore new massage techniques with instructor and facilitator Mahaprabu, who is an expert in the Brazilian Tantra massage technique called Deva Nishok.

In 2016, I went to Argentina and Slovenia to study another fascinating Tantra massage technique with Somananda and Liisa Maimon (from Estonia). Somananda is part of Agama International University of Yoga (www.agamayoga.com), located in Thailand.

In 2019 was time to learn much more about Tantra in Bali with the amazing teacher Ma Ananda Sarita from Tantra Essence (www.tantra-essence.com) . She is a world renowned Tantra master and mystic offering courses, retreats and trainings throughout the world. She met Osho in Mumbai India in 1973, at the age of 17, and subsequently remained in his community for the next 26 years, receiving much personal guidance from him on the subject of Meditation, Tantra, Love and Relationship.

Was a bless to learn from her and her team in an intense 30 days training in this beautiful island, Bali.

My husband and I moved to Canada in the summer of 2017. I want to share the best of my experiences in Tantric Massage Therapy with Canadians. I am happy to be here!


I always seek to grow as a human being and every day I become stronger physically, mentally and spiritually.

I believe that the expansion of consciousness can make humans see beyond the eyes, listen beyond the ears and feel with the heart.

I want to share this strength with everyone who crosses my path, either through Yoga or Tantra therapy.
I have the conviction that health, peace and prosperity are human rights.



Graduated in Business Administration, she began her journey in yoga 15 years ago through Raja Yoga in a school considered the fourth path in Asia. Through this experience she has wandered through some traditions of self-knowledge in the East, as Yoga, Health Style of Life, Tantra, Xamanism, where she deepened her studies on the behavior of the feminine in modern society in union with the matriarchal traditions.

Ministered workshops for women throughout South America and Europe for seven years, aimed at increasing self-esteem, women's empowerment, and general well-being.


Today she resides in Montreal, and with the Circle, she teaches courses, yoga and is massage therapist.

What she can offer:

 Individual classes for the development of the feminine;

Swedish massage (Insurance receipt);

Ayurvedic massage (Insurance receipt);

Thai massage with oil (Insurance receipt);

Facial massage (Insurance receipt);

Tantric Therapeutic Massage;

Private Tantra Classes for couples and

Hatha Yoga Classes.

Languages English, French and Spanish.

FQM Member.

Massotherapeute Agrèe