Naira is a Therapist who masters her art. She transmits her positive energy, is always attentive to my needs and shares her knowledge with gentleness, heart, and humanity.
— Geraud, 36 - Business Manager - Montreal

I’m taking a few seconds to say I feel grateful about yesterday’s session. Having my body & soul surrender to your hands, and above all, to these beautiful minds of yours.. left me in a state that I can hardly describe with words.
— Marc, 31 - Mechanical Engineer - Montreal

Thank you so much for the session Naira! I still feel very good and centered and accepted and respected as a whole body and person. Wonderful work! You seem to have a glow about you and I like the way you take time for yourself. You radiate centered and meditative and create a similar environment for the client! Thank you again!
— Hannah, 51 - Osteopath - Germany